Jules-Alexander Gamba de Preydour

French, 1846-1931 Biography

A student of Jean-Leon Gérome, Jules-Alexander Gamba de Preydour participated regularly at the Paris Salon beginning in 1869, exhibiting portraits, still-lives and occasional genre subjects. He became a member of the Societé des Artistes Francais in 1886.

His brushstroke is infallible, precise and lively, and lends an air of authenticity to the depiction of flowers, in which he specialized. Without the slightest bit of heaviness, he allows the flowers to breathe, their charm and truthfulness intact.

He exhibited in the Paris Salon of 1890, Fleurs d’eucalyptus et verre de Venise, and in the Dijon Salon of 1894, Giroflees.

His work is represented in the Museum of Chartres.

Societé des Artistes Francais, Paris

Salon of Paris, France, 1890
Salon of Dijon, France, 1894

Museum of Chartres, France